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Ward Solutions offer competitive salaries, comprehensive training and great benefits. We are well known for taking care of our employees, providing exciting work opportunities that work together with career growth and experience. Find out more by contacting our recruiting unit at recruiting@ward-solutions.com

General Requirements

Minimum requirements for security positions (varies with jobs and duties):

Job Opportunities

Ward Solutions offer competitive rates, comprehensive training and great benefits. We are well known for taking care of our employees. Find out more by contacting our recruiting unit at recruiting@ward-solutions.com


Full-time Employee Benefits Summary 2013

Security Awareness

Ward Solutions promotes continuous Security Awareness. Below are links to areas of interest related to security news, cyber security threats, facility hardening and other areas that may help promote overall security awareness.

About Us

Ward Solutions, Inc. is a Helm Point Solutions company (Woman-Owned Small Business) specializing in Security Support Services to the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) and the private sector.

Ward has been providing 24x7x365 Security Support Services since its incorporation in 2004.

Ward understands the importance of Crime Prevention and the protection of employees, customers and facilities. We have extensive experience with a variety of Security Services and a trained professional staff that is ready to help. Whether you need Access Control, Security Monitoring uniformed security or Physical Security measures, we can help.


To be the premier provider of quality personnel and solutions to the DoD, Intelligence Community and commercial sectors with a solid reputation of taking care of our employees so they can focus on taking care of our customers and their mission.

Helm Point Solutions

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Helm Point delivers high end solutions to customers in four key areas:

Executive Team
Ward Solutions' executive management team leverages a wealth of Industry, Government and Law Enforcement experience to solve our customers' unique security, counter-terrorism and facilities challenges.

At Ward Solutions we believe it is important to give back to our communities by sponsoring and contributing to organizations and charities valued by our employees.

Why Choose Ward?

Ward Solutions has a solid reputation for demonstrating commitment to customer needs, solving problems and delivering quality engineering and support services in a cost efficient manner. We are well known for our attention to detail and responsiveness. We focus on superior support services by providing advanced training and education opportunities to our employees. We are committed to retaining our employees by providing excellent benefits and advanced career opportunities.

Rhonda Cornelsen

Rhonda Cornelsen has over 25 years of management experience and proven success in bringing innovative processes and procedures to programs within the Intelligence Community, DoD and Commercial sectors. Ms. Cornelsen has worked with small, mid and large sized companies and will bring her wealth of knowledge and experience to your security needs to ensure the success and safety of your business. Ms. Cornelsen has in-depth knowledge of Security policies and procedures in a variety of disciplines. Ms. Cornelsen has managed continuous Security Support Services in construction areas of secure facilities and is experienced in the ensuring safety requirements, awareness and challenges for your facility are met.

Dave Webb - Director of Security

As director of security for Ward Solutions, Mr. Webb assisted with implementation and building of a professional organized security staff at several facilities in the Washington Metropolitan Area. He is currently serving as the Deputy Program Manager for a mid-size security project for a customer in Springfield, Virginia. Mr. Webb provides expertise in security at a top secret government facility, meeting customer demands, managing large special events, providing surge support for customers, implementation of special training of staff and a wealth of experience in the security field.

Prior to Ward Solutions, Mr. Webb retired from law enforcement after 25 years. While in this capacity he assisted with combatting special problems, crime prevention and anti-terrorism. Mr. Webb retired as a Deputy Chief from the Metro Transit Police. He worked his way up the ranks and held positions as Commander of a police district station, Criminal Investigation Division and Special Operations Division. Prior to retirement, Mr. Webb last served as the Deputy Chief of the Metro Transit Police, Homeland Security Intelligence and Investigation Bureau.


Ward Solutions (as a company of Helm Point Solutions) is a Platinum Sponsor for the AFCEA Central Maryland Chapter.

Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association (AFCEA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit international organization that serves its members by providing a forum for the ethical exchange of information. AFCEA is dedicated to increasing knowledge through the exploration of issues relevant to its members in information technology, communications, and electronics for the defense, homeland security and intelligence communities. AFCEA

Our People

Ward Solutions hires qualified professional staff and has constant management oversight to ensure customer goals are met while also maximizing the employee work experience to ensure that not only are customer demands met, but the employee takes pride in the work product they deliver. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customer and our employees. The result is quality in the delivery of services.

We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers and our employees. The result is quality in the delivery of services.

Ward Reputation

Ward Solutions has a solid reputation for demonstrating commitment to customer needs, solving problems and delivering services in a cost efficient manner. We are well known for our attention to detail and responsiveness.

Career Development

We work with our staff to provide them the relevant training that ensures success to support the customer mission and deliver the utmost in service. We support job related training and encourage expansion of employee education to improve performance and assist the employee in meeting professional goals.

Recruiting & Retention

We provide a positive employee work experience. Our employees enjoy competitive benefits, good pay, a positive work environment and are supervised by a caring management staff. Our recruiting team pays close attention to customer needs and uses innovative ways to recruit quality staff.


Our company has proven success in delivering quality physical security solutions for your facility and employees. We believe that crime can be greatly reduced by layering options. There is no single best answer for a customer. Our professional staff will meet with you, take an assessment of your particular situation and tailor a program based on the needs of your facility.

Our proven management oversight, coupled with proper training, provides an excellent combination to keep trouble away.

You can rest easy when you have Ward Solutions handling the protection of your facility.

Access Control

Access control measures must be in place to prevent unauthorized entry into facilities and reduce the potential for criminal activity. Ward Solutions has a strong team of access control officers ready to deliver customer friendly access control for your facility.

We specialize in government facilities and have cleared personnel at all levels. Our team is trained to be observant, and effective in the protection of your employees, customers and facilities.

Security Monitoring / Escorting

Ward Solutions has experienced security monitors that will assist with preventing unnecessary exposure to sensitive data. Our professionally trained staff ensures that persons are escorted with the highest regard to customer security practices.

Our Security Monitor Team delivers the utmost in quality escorting of persons through Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities. Our team is trained to handle special events related to access control and verification of authorized persons into facilities and conferences.

Construction Security Monitor (CSM)

Protection of buildings before and during construction before they are occupied is essential. Our CSMs will ensure construction is legitimate and that terrorists do not have access to your facility while under construction. We can help you prevent illegal activities stopping criminals from implanting contraband, surveillance, explosives or gathering intelligence about the building under construction. We will also help prevent pilferage of expensive materials at your sight. Our team will keep the workers focused on the safe construction of the facility and take action for any suspicious activity or otherwise unauthorized activity.

Emergency Management

We are skilled in the preparation of emergency preparedness and management of your facility. Our highly trained staff is at the ready to maintain the safety of your employees and facility.

Ward Solutions understands the ever increasing need for strong emergency management programs today and in the future. We also work with our customers to understand the unique challenges faced by their particular site. Ward Solutions has the security and law enforcement experience to supply a skilled and professional team of personnel equipped to provide sound emergency management practices.

Our trained, experienced staff will demonstrate effective methods for an organized approach for you and your staff during emergencies.

Force Protection Support

Let us customize a Force Protection Support Program for your facility. Our services are designed to protect personnel and resources. We find solutions that minimize the loss of operational capabilities that can be caused by major accidents, natural and man-made, technological disasters and civil unrest situations.

Active Shooter Training

Planning, preparation and training are critical to protecting people from these types of attacks. We can customize a program to identify facility weakness, recommend solutions, train your staff and organize a robust plan to strengthen response to such an event. If you are responsible for a facility, employees and customers preparing for and training employees are paramount in minimizing damage.

Workforce Support Operations

Ward Solutions is fully equipped to provide your facility with a variety of services. What sets us apart from other providers is our ability to work with the customer to streamline services through the development of repeatable processes. We cross train our staff to be competent in all service areas and offer custom scalable solutions to support your workforce. Our services include:

Anti-Terrorism Strategies

In today's world, anyone charged with security, protection of people and property, business owners, and site managers alike must take steps to stay ahead of terrorism and crimes. Ward Solutions can help you customize a program to enhance the resilience against unwanted surveillance, suspicious activity and crimes. We will evaluate the needs of your facility and offer innovative solutions to combat criminal activity.

Ward Solutions has experience implementing new programs to deal with special crime problems and have knowledge and capabilities to provide the support needed for Anti-Terrorism programs and Emergency Management Operations.

Vulnerability Assessment

You must know where vulnerabilities exist in your facility. Ward Solutions will meet with you and help identify your trouble spots. Whether in your home, church, commercial or government building, we can evaluate your current physical security posture. Whether inside your buildings, exteriors and the grounds, we have great solutions that will build resilience to criminal activity. We work with our Customer's to ensure all Security Vulnerabilities are identified. We can customize solutions to meet customer's needs.